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Support Chorny's freinds

Chorny was rescued along with another cat with an eye infection from an industrial area. The giner cat was adopted and Chorny was adopted by us.

Chorny's health is stable but is clearly weak reflecting the general condition of the cats in that area.

Spread over several lanes are more than 100 cats and some dogs.

The current aim is to ensure that the cats and dogs are given complete meal so that they have the nutrients to stay healthy.

To keep the supply of food constant, we are working with some local workers to feed the cats on a daily basis and also to give medication to those who might be ill.

Order process

When we deliver, we will post the delivery picture with names of sponsors.

To support Chorny's friends,

You can order by filling the form below, whatsup 81272723 or e mail pets@ahasg.com

1) Please indicate the quantity of food you wish to contribute. NO GST.
2) Click order now and you can choose to pay by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Variant Gold-D wet food Gold-D dry food    
  Gold-d nano collodial silver gold-d  
Variant Gold-D nano collodial silver 10ppm Gold-D nano collodial silver gel 10ppm Gold-D organic extra virgin coconut oil 200m  
info Anti virus, bacteria, fungi. For internal and external use; wounds, infection Anti virus, bacteria, fungi. For internal and external use; wounds, infection Aids digestion
promotes skin and coat helath
Source of anti oxident

Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
You can type in your address or "NA"
All items are marked "chorny" so your order will be sent to Chorny's friends.

Thank you for your support of Chorny.






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