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Some commercial products are not formulated for homes with pets.
They can cause allergy and are even toxic to pets.

In response to this concern, we put together products that are safe for humans and pets for your convenience.

Variant AHA phenol free disinfectant AHA Dishwash  
Features Phenol free disinfectant. Phenol is toxic to animals.
If your disinfectant turns cloudy in water, Phenol is present! read more
Animal safe dishwash. Do not contain:
Paraben, Propylene glycol, Diethanolamine (DEA), Triclosan, Dioxane
1 ltr is a refill pack in a jerrycan read more
ant proof plates
ant proof plates
Variant Ant Proof plate
Ant Proof plate
Dimension 18 0mmx 180 mm 180 mm x 305 mm  

Variant Bio-X™ Eden Bio-x spray

100% organic pest control, plant and soil conditoner for indoor & outdoor plants

Safe for humans, mammals, bees and earthworms

Eliminate pests, has deodorizing properties and helps to disinfect.

Safe for humans, mammals and birds.

Variant Organic mosquito repellent 245ml Bedbug, flea & tick exterminator & repellent 245ml  
Features Spray on human skin and clothes to prevent mosquito bites.
Spray on doors, curtains and windows to repell mosquitos
For use on cats, dogs and animals.
Eliminates & repells bedbug, flea, tick


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