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Story of Francis Abhaya

DOB: Unknown
AHA 4 Nov 2016
RIP 21 Feb 2017

Francis was a community cat diagnosed with nose cancer.
The nose cancer does not kill but cats die from wound infection or when the cancer spreads to vital organs.

Palliative care

If Francis remained on the street, he would have a very difficult and painful dying process, so we decided to bring him back for palliative care.

At our place, Francis got comfortable very fast and bloomed as a very loving, affectionate and cheerful cat. He required anti biotics, pain killers to manage his wound. His food consisted of soupy dishes fortified with supplements and immune system boosters.

As the cancer spread, his face became visually disturbing to people unused to his condition. But Francis remained happy and cheerful. Our friend also gave him reiki therapy.

Even our cat Gold-D who was unwell, decided to comfort Francis. Gold-D was often next to Francis hugging him.

Good bye with love

Francis was expected to live for a month. He lived for three months before passing away peacefully.

We have accepted that dying is inevitable and our focus was on making him comfortable and more importantly to shower him with affection.

Francis may have lived on the streets most of his life but he departed as a cat who is very precious and very very loved, all the way and to the end.

We are grateful for the opportunity to care for this very loving and special cat.


Resting happily in bed

Food with a side of organic virgin coconut oil

Gold-D hugging Francis

Francis dicovered the comforts of duvet 
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