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Gold-D brand story Gold-D

In July 2013, we adopted Ken Ken from a Singapore shelter Mettacats and six months later, we adopted Gold-D.

We do not believe in changing our pet’s names so we continued to call them their original names.

Both Ken Ken and Gold-D were FIV+ and it was totally fine with us.

Gold-D, FIV, Food

A few months later, Gold-D was not well and losing weight. Because of Gold-D’s FIV status, the vets were concerned that Gold-D may have developed lymphoma. If his weight continues to drop, the vet would recommend further tests for cancer.

As Gold-D’s appetite was very bad, we wanted to make sure that whatever he was willing to eat gave him the best nutrients possible.

One particular ingredient was a concern; carrageenan. This is suspected to cause infection and even stomach cancers. Given Gold-D’s condition and FIV status, this has to be
avoided at all cost.

This process also set us thinking of the ideal food that we want for our own cats. And so, we decided to launched our own brand with the specifications that are cat centric and so that every meal is a healthy meal.

Gold-D brand is born

So we need a brand name and the initial idea was Ken Ken since he is the big brother. However, Ken Ken is the brand of a local snack.

As we were exploring, Ken Ken suggested that we call it Gold-D brand after his precious little brother Gold-D! PETA

Cat centric brand

We are against animal testing and that is why Gold-D products are PETA certified cruelty free.

Meanwhile, other product ideas emerged in the course of our rescue and palliative work. An example is the Gold-D dish that was conceptualised when we did palliative care for Rahula, an abandoned FIV and Felv+ cat.

Gold-D models

All the cats featured on Gold-D products were once abused, abandoned, or badly neglected and eventually found loving homes.

We believe we are the only cat food brand to do so. It is our way of promoting adoption instead of buying a pet.

Our own cats also consume Gold-D brand. We want Gold-D to be a cat centric brand that our own cats and cats everywhere can enjoy and benefit from.

We love cats!

Gold-D grooms Ken Ken
Gold-D Trout & Sardine
Teddy and Jonah models for Gold-D kibble
Rahula, an abandoned FIV and Felv+ cat.

Tamasan, Jonah, Teddy and Seng Seng models for the Gold-d donut dish



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